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Sunday, October 23, 2005
  Welcome to the Gold Post
Visiting the town of Alleghany is quite a trip back in time.

Casey's Place Bar And Grill, With The Best Hamburgers Around.

Post Office and Museum

The town is an old mining town in Northern California with around 85 residents. Pictured above is the downtown section at the local post office, museum, and long time favorite for the area, Casey's Place Bar And Grill. For the best directions to Alleghany, CA can be found on Casey's Place online website.

More Pictures to Follow

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The Mother Lode (Hamburger w/the works)
Directions to Alleghany and Casey's Place Bar and Grill

Magyver of the Yuba River

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Directions to Alleghany
Casey's Place Bar and Grill


Step Back In Time. Gold mining in Alleghany. The life and times of the old and the new goldminers.

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